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Can A Dog Get Sick From Eating Raw Meat?

Is It Dangerous To Give Bones To Your Dog?

Your dog isn’t any more likely to get sick from eating raw meat than he is from eating kibble. Various well-publicized health scares have made consumers worry about salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria. What’s ironic with these reports is that no one seems concerned about commercial kibble recalls due to contamination.

In fact, your dog’s digestive system can handle bacteria in the gut without a problem. Dogs’ bodies are built to prevent harmful bacteria like salmonella from invading the body and upsetting the healthy balance of intestinal flora. Dogs have highly acidic stomachs as well as natural digestive enzymes and bile that help them process Salmonella and other bacteria without becoming ill.

Raw meat is safe for dogs and cats

Some dog owners worry about the risk of bacteria for people in the home, especially children. But, just like when you prepare meat for your family, you can avoid contamination by practicing sensible hygiene. Clean utensils, dishes and surfaces used to prepare your dog’s food, and of course wash your hands and teach your kids to do the same. Also, make sure you buy your dog’s food from a reputable supplier who uses good quality meats.

If you use the right bones, they’re not dangerous for your dog. But not all bones are suitable for dogs.

First of all, never give cooked bones or small, fine bones. Fine bones can splinter and cooked bones become brittle. These can create a choking or intestinal blockage risk. But these aren’t the types of bones you’ll include in a raw meat diet for dogs.

Wild dogs and wolves gnaw on raw bones to get essential calcium and other minerals …and bones help to keep their teeth clean and strong. Providing that you choose raw bones that are the right size for your dog, they’re an essential, healthy, highly palatable addition to your dog’s diet. Choose raw meaty bones from non-weight-bearing animal parts like necks, tails and ribs. They’re softer so your dog can chew them up and swallow them so he gets all the nutrients.

Can Toy And Small Dog Breeds Eat Raw Meat?

Yes, they can! Many people think of a raw meat for dogs as being just for large, robust breeds, and that you shouldn’t feed raw to small and toy dogs. But that’s not true.

​People are afraid their small dogs might choke on bones. But if you choose the right size bones, your tiny dog can enjoy a raw meat diet just as much as his larger cousins. Bones that are good picks for smaller dogs include chicken or duck necks and wings, and lamb riblets.

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