All Species Eat Raw....
Except Humans

   At Chew Dat Foods, we care about our pets and our environment.  We strive to offer the best food possible at a price that makes feeding a balanced RAW diet affordable while also being environmentally responsible.  Therefore we package our Complete Meal formulas in 2 equally responsible and affordable ways.
Our 2 pound containers are designed to be space saving as well as affordable. We chose to meet this goal by using disposable aluminum trays that can be recycled through most area garbage recycle programs.
Our 5 and10 pound containers are a part of our Container Recycle Program and are reusable, food grade, BPA free, plastic pails. Simply wash 

and save the empty containers and when you receive or pick up your next order, give the clean empty containers back to us for reuse. 
These packaging options help to keep our prices low and is good for the environment as well.

Chew Dat Foods purchases all of our ingredients from local grocery stores, butcher shops & restaurant suppliers.

Complete Meals for Dogs

Raw Starters for Cats & Dogs

Meaty Bones & Organs for Cats & Dogs

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