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Chew Dat Foods is a raw pet food manufacturer, and our franchisees are our partners that help distribute our products to cats and dogs around the country.
All of our pet foods are created from human grade ingredients and have been formulated and tested on our own pets. Our goal is to offer quality foods designed to give all of our pets the best nutrition possible in order to live the longest and healthiest lives possible.

What is a Chew Dat Foods franchise?
Chew Dat Foods’ franchises are regional sales and delivery businesses that bring our quality raw pet foods to pets in their select areas. Our foods are delivered at no cost to customers at preset locations in each franchisees’ region. Franchises are free to determine and set delivery locations, dates and times in their region.

Costs of a Chew Dat Foods Franchisee?
The total investment needed to begin operation of a Chew Dat Foods franchised business is between $25,000 and $75,000. Chew Dat Foods’ franchise is an affordable, easy-to-own and fun business to operate. You will develop friendships as well as teaching and learning opportunities from the wide variety of customers you will meet and service. Best of all, we are dedicated to supporting your growth and success.

What makes Chew Dat Foods a great investment?
We offer franchisees the opportunity to start a business in the very attractive, recession-proof pet industry for a very low investment.

  • The US Pet industry is huge and continues growing year after year.
  • Join a new and emerging market in the US Pet Industry.
  • The US Raw Pet Food industry is among the fastest growing segments of the US Pet Industry.
  • Exclusive territory. Only you can serve the families and pets living within your territory
  • Very low start up costs.
  • A low cost to do business. No need to spend money on costly retail space and associated expenses. You can run your business from your home office with the support of a state-of-the-art web store, freezers and a reliable vehicle.

What make a good Chew Dat Foods franchise owner?
Here are a few of the qualities we’re looking for in a Chew Dat Foods franchise owner:

  • Passionate about pets: You’ve got to love pets to be a successful part of the Chew Dat Foods franchise family. Our four-legged friends are as big a part of this business as the owners who buy our foods.
  • A desire to learn and educate: Raw pet food is a new and emerging market and many pet owners are only now starting to learn and seek the foods their pets were designed by nature to eat. With new customers, come questions and teaching opportunities.
  • Experience running a business: You don’t have to be a lifelong business professional to own a successful Chew Dat Foods franchise, but business management experience would be very beneficial. You’ll need to collect and pay sales taxes, apply for and maintain any business licenses and permits required in your area, become a member of local organizations, be comfortable getting out in the business community and potentially hire, train and manage employees.
  • The drive to actively grow your brand: Chew Dat Foods franchise isn’t a business for the absentee owner. Our Chew Dat Foods franchisees are active, vital parts of their business, and they take part every day in overseeing its operation Your dedication and decisions will determine your success.

In addition to these personal qualities, Chew Dat Foods franchise owners should also meet the financial requirements necessary for opening a Chew Dat Foods franchise location.

Why is now the right time for a raw pet food franchise?

Spending on quality, nutritional pet food is at an all-time high. The market for whole, nutritious pet foods free of potentially harmful fillers and additives is exploding, and Chew Dat Foods is the only company offering super premium raw pet food with free delivery. Our food contains no artificial coloring or flavoring, no preservatives and no synthetic vitamins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with a franchise?
Exclusive rights to sell Chew Dat Foods in a protected territory
Use of the Chew Dat Foods Name and Advertising
Volume Purchase Pricing
Assistance with Route Development
Assistance with equipment selection
Assistance with Website Development
Assistance with Pricing
Training on the following as well as continued support as needed
Our Products
Food Safety
Inventory Mgmt
Raw Feeding
Website Management
Route Development Customer Mgmt

Can I sell other pet products besides those I purchase from Chew Dat Foods?
We’ve gone to great lengths to create wholesome, healthy diets for our pet customers, and we take great pride in knowing where the ingredients come from, and how our food is manufactured. By using only Chew Dat Foods’ products we are able to utilize specific testing and quality control programs, as well as offer our franchisees the benefit of our volume purchase pricing. Our franchisees are assured in knowing that everyone in the Chew Dat Foods network is selling the same high-quality products, all measured for nutrition and safety.

How much are your royalties?
We do not charge royalties on gross sales or performance standards, allowing you to generate better margins from the sale of Chew Dat Foods products.

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