Don’t add to the plastic waste being dumped into our rivers & oceans

Simply pickup up your order, then after the container is empty, wash the bucket and lid and stack them in your garage or store them in the trunk of your car. Then, when you pick up your next order, give them back to us. We will rewash, sanitize and refill the containers for reuse.
This not only keeps them from becoming part of the plastic waste overload, but also keeps us from having to purchase new containers and labels and that savings helps us keep our prices down.


“This is great stuff! I have fed raw for some years and do believe that I like this blend best of any I have tried. The ingredients are fresh (I have visited the farm where it is made), and the packaging is very user-friendly.”

Carol Crawford Rathbun

“Balanced meals!
Great Service!”

Sandy McDonald

“Quality of goods is consistent, exceptional, and tested by a third party to validate correct ratios. Bull goes nuts for it. Delivery/pick up is prompt, courteous, and efficient. Chew Dat takes the hassle, fear, expense and gross factor out of feeding raw.”

Tamra Spink
Happy dogs LOVED their first Chew Dat meal!!
Even my picky girl inhaled it! ♡
Creature Comforts
Xander loves his
Chew-dat food!
Body By Chew Dat Foods
This body brought to you by Chew Dat Foods
Tamra Spink

Does Feeding Raw Really Make A Difference?

Just ask our dogs,

Our gang enjoying their natural habitat, SNOW!
Who Dat’s Mayhem, now 10+ years old
Owner Jennifer Hanger’s mom, Paula, with just a few of the 15 healthy puppies born to our raw fed girl. All beautiful, healthy and loved.

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